Often described as moving meditation, tai chi promotes serenity.

What is tai chi

Originating in China, tai chi (sometimes referred as ‘taiji’ or ‘tai chi chuan’) is a slow gentle and focused movements, accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows to the next and your body is in constant motion.

Often described as moving meditation, tai chi promotes serenity. The focus is to enable the qi or life force to flow smoothly throughout the body. This creates harmony and integration of the mind, body and spirit. Tai chi is a way of life.

It is an effective exercise to improve mindfulness, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, reduce anxiety and so much more. When you begin to practice tai chi you start a life long journey towards better health.

What makes the art of tai chi especially interesting is that there is always something new to discover, learn and share with others.

Here’s a video clip about ‘What is tai chi’ by Dr Paul Lam, the director of the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

If you’re looking for a group exercise class to improve your balance, low-impact workout, reduce stress, falls prevention and other health conditions, come along to an Aroha Tai Chi class.

We follow the essential Tai Chi for Health principles, making it safe for everyone. We focus on Sun style and also incorporate Chen and Yang styles.

Balance and coordination are developed, and the careful breathing practice of this exercise will help you engage with your body from head to toe. You will leave an Aroha Tai Chi class feeling energised and ready to face the world, whatever the day may bring.

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“Tai chi has transformed my life. I feel a huge improvement in my heart. I have better balance that will hopefully prevent falls. I am standing more upright. We have all made new friendships within the class. Juliana is not only a great instructor but her bright personality makes her classes so enjoyable that we all look forward to the following week.” Glennis