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My name is Juliana, known as 'J' and I am your certified Tai Chi instructor for the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

My vision is to help class participants of all abilities and fitness levels to learn in a fun and friendly way that improves their health, fitness, wellbeing and inner balance, manages stress and prevents falls.

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What is tai chi?

An art embracing the mind, body and spirit.

Originating in China, tai chi (sometimes referred as as ‘taiji’ or ‘tai chi chuan’) is composed of slow, gentle and focused movements, accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows to the next and your body is in constant motion.

Often described as moving meditation, tai chi promotes serenity. The focus is to enable the qi (life force) to flow smoothly throughout the body. This creates harmony and integration of the mind, body and spirit. Tai chi is a way of life.

When you begin to practice tai chi you start a life long journey towards better health.

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What can tai chi do for you?

While you may gain benefits from a tai chi class, you may enjoy greater benefits if you continue tai chi for the long term as you become more skilled.

It is a form of exercise that can improve mental and physical health.

No equipment is needed.

Suitable for almost any age or physical condition.

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