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About Juliana

Juliana, known as “J”, is a board-certified and premier instructor for the Tai Chi for Health Institute and has trained in tai chi since 2016 (Sun, Yang and Chen-styles of tai chi). She is a Malaysian Kiwi with Eurasian and Chinese ancestry and has lived in New Lynn, Auckland, since 1987.

From an early age, J was curious and fascinated by tai chi. Her dream to learn the graceful martial art was fulfilled many years later when a good friend and tai chi instructor introduced her to it.  She was captivated from her very first lesson. As her ability grew, so did her fascination, especially about the many health benefits of tai chi. From there a bigger dream was born - to become a Tai Chi for Health instructor so she could help others.

J’s vision is to help people to become more active and healthier, and to meet new friends when attending her classes. She teaches tai chi using methods that enable participants of all abilities and fitness levels to learn in a fun and friendly way that improves their health, fitness, well-being and inner balance, manages stress and prevents falls.

J has the following qualifications, instructor certifications and professional memberships:

  • Board-certified and premier instructor for the Tai Chi for Health Institute:
  • Member of Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc
  • REPs NZ Registered Exercise Provider
  • Approved Community Group Strength & Balance Programme exercise provider
  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 instructor
  • Certified Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi for Heart Conditions instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi for Memory instructor
  • First Aid Certificate, including CPR and use of a defibrillator
  • Understanding Dementia University of Tasmania
  • Preventing Dementia University of Tasmania


Live Stronger for Longer is a national programme that supports older people over 65s and those caring for over 65s to stay active, well and independent. It captures the essence of positive ageing by supporting participants to improve their strength and balance: Community Group Strength and Balance Programme

Aroha Tai Chi Health classes are approved with the BIG TICK.


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“Through tai chi I have found inner peace, my co-ordination and fitness have improved, taking control of my health” Trina