The more we attune to peace, the more radiant our lives become.

Zen proverb


"I have been learning tai chi for the past two years and can only say that I have found it to be a most wonderful form of relaxation and exercise, and it has greatly improved my quality of life."

"I am really enjoying the classes and making new friends”

“Through tai chi I have found inner peace, my co-ordination and fitness have improved, taking control of my health” Trina

 “A gentle and effective exercise, as well as an excellent way of learning to relax. Learning the sequences is very good exercise for the brain as well."

“Tai Chi has helped me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With tai chi practice I find my energy increase and the ability to cope with stressful situations. For the first time I am beginning to enjoy being with people.”

"I've been going to tai chi classes for a year, once a week. It is wonderfully calming and uplifting. It helps me to reduce stress and improve my mood.”

“Tai chi has given me the confidence to walk through awareness of weight transference”

“Great for the mind, body and soul.”

“Tai chi has helped me reduce pain in fibromyalgia.”

“Tai chi is a tool to help me with grief – it gently allows me to quieten my mind.”

“Teaches me directional movements.”

“I have received immense health benefits from Tai Chi for Health programme.”

“My balance has improved.”

“I have been through depression and coming to Tai Chi has made all the difference. The calm friendliness and tai chi has helped my mind, as well as body.”

“I now automatically walk in a softer way.”

“Stiff ankle joint after surgery 19 years ago has now much more flexibility.”

“I have increased use of my right hand. Previously it ached a lot and I couldn’t use it to pick things up or operate the house alarm.”

“My posture has improved making it easier to breathe so I feel less tired.”

“I recently visited my cardiologist after 2 years and he was very pleased with my heart.”

“I find the exercise to stretch my spine most helpful for round shoulders and therefore my breathing has improved.”

“I cannot believe that something so gentle can have such an amazing health benefit.”

‘J, our instructor, is patient and a pleasure to work with.”

“Juliana is an excellent teacher whose enthusiasm for tai chi is infectious. It improves health, mind and body and enlivens the body. Thank you Juliana for also bringing our community together.” Miriam

“Great explanation of moves with a fun atmosphere. Thank you Juliana.”

“It’s a life force. A journey of goodness, wellbeing and beauty.”

“Learning weight transference in tai chi class will be a big asset in getting out of bed or in a fall at the ripe old age.”

“Absolutely love Juliana’s tai chi class. Focusing on my breathing and balance has been so beneficial. I walk with confidence now without the fear of tripping. So glad to return to class this year.” Linda

“Tai chi has transformed my life. I feel a huge improvement in my heart. I have better balance that will hopefully prevent falls. I am standing more upright. We have all made new friendships within the class. Juliana is not only a great instructor but her bright personality makes her classes so enjoyable that we all look forward to the following week.” Glennis

“Give tai chi a try. It will do you good – for fitness and the soul.”

“I recommend our teacher, Juliana as the best tutor. She is patient, makes class fun and there is no pressure. Tai chi is great, age and fitness don’t matter. If you want to improve your balance, wellbeing and agility give tai chi a go. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Tai chi gives you the ability to have feelings of calm and peace in your daily life.” Noelene McKee

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